Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holga equals Serena

I'm a big fan of photography - may it be digital or film.

Growing up in a digital world would sometimes dictate you to join the bandwagon. One click and you get the photo you always dream of.

But it's a whole lot different when it comes to film photography. You exert too much effort on setting your camera in accordance to what you want. 

Being a self-declared photographer, I prefer film over digital photography. 

I love the intense feeling whenever I trigger the shutter to open using my SLR. I love the long wait for your film to develop and as I take hold of it, it's ecstatic. 

I may sound vintage but I find self-fulfillment out my craft when I use film.


* * *

After a few months of wanting to own one, I now have my very own Holga. World, meet my Serena - my partner's anniversary gift for me. 

From this day on, watch out for our (my partner and I) photos using Serena.

Serena, by the way, is a Holga Multicolor 120 CFN lomo camera. It seems to be a toy camera. But never underestimate my Serena, it captures the "world through a plastic lens."

I can't hardly wait.