Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ploning meets Oscar

Rockwell Tent testified as to how Filipinos unite to attain a common goal.

For those who don't know, Dante Nico Garcia's Ploning, which stars Judy Ann Santos, will compete with the world for the Best Foreign Language Film category in the 81st Academy Awards.

You may ask, what in the world is Ploning?

Ploning, taken from a native song in Cuyo, Palawan, is a story of a girl who unselfishly loved expecting nothing in return - may it be for her family, friends, or her special someone. Her presence in the island muses everyone that they barely notice the absence of rain in the island. On the other hand, her silence and mysteriousness puzzles the people surrounding her. 

It's not something new to the industry. We have sent official entries before to this world-renowned competition - this includes Donsol by Adolf Alix on 2007, Dekada 70 by Chito Roño on 2003, and Gatas: Sa Dibdib ng Kaaway by Gil Portes on 2001 (click here for the complete list). Now, we are again taking our chance through Ploning.

What differs Ploning from other films who tried their luck in the Oscars is the full force promotions and fund-raising activities of the film - maybe the sole reason why we didn't made it before despite the wonderful films we sent. Thanks to the leading lady's fame and powerhouse cast, we are taking a greater leap to promote the film in the US.

* * *

Just last night, Nov.3, 2008, Ploning had a fund-raising activity in Rockwell Tent where the who's who of the industry gathered to support the film - Dante Nico Garcia, Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Mylene Dizon, Ping Media, and a whole lot more. The event was sponsored by most of Juday's endorsed brands like Lactacyd, Angel Evap, Unilab, etc. 

Judy Ann Santos, herself, prepared the 8 dishes - from the appetizer down to the dessert - for the guests, making the event extra special for her and for everyone. An auction was held to further gather funds for the promotions of the film.

* * *

The country has high hopes for the film. With all the activities done by the team and the support from the government, we will sure to gain a spot in the Top 5 of the category.

It's time that we raise our bars higher. 
It's time that we make the country known to the world.
It's time that we make everything happen.
It's time for Ploning.

May this writing helps Ploning in one way our another.

But of course, our prayers will be of greater help.