Monday, January 12, 2009

Alibata, Wings, and Tattoo

It just came to me one fine day inside the four corners of our office.

Why not get myself a tattoo? One that would perfectly identify and represent me. So I decided to use my name, but with what design. 

I reflected over the weekend and voila! Why not use the ancient Filipino writing, alibata? That would be very interesting.

It would not only represent ancient Philippines, but it will bore unto my skin the name I'll forever carry, Jepoy.

However, something suddenly came to me. How about a pair an angel's wings? It would best represent my long-term plan - soar as high as I can, fly as high as my wings can.

Now, I am torn by these designs. But definitely, it'll definitely be between the two - angel's wings or alibata. On second thought, why not angel's wings and alibata? Nah!

* * *

Yes, I'm decided to have a tattoo. But I'm still wondering why a lot of people can't get enough of tattoos?

Is it because of the colors? the ink? the pain? or the painful pleasure?

If you would ask me, my primary reason for now is to have something new within my being. And a tattoo is the perfect solution for my novelty craving. I thought so.

Whatever the reason others may have, one thing's for sure, it's their love for the arts and novelty that brings them to their decision - get a tattoo.


Christian Cabuay said...

If you do decide to get a Baybayin (proper term) tattoo, I would advise against getting the fonts you have posted. Check out for some examples of Baybayin tattoo art.

Jepoy Malinao said...

Thanks Christian!

I thought you can help me with the design. But I guess it's too expensive for me.

I really do appreciate your effort.