Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking back

When I was a child, driving a car was right at my fingertips.

It was about an hour before midnight of January 1, 2009. While everyone's mood was so festive, I was in my aunt's room, nostalgic.

I was looking at old photo albums. I saw my mom's shining smile. I also saw how I looked like when I was still 3 months old, I realized, how handsome I have become. (This is my blog entry, get it?hehe..)

I kept on ravaging the closet when I saw my old driving toy. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I played a driving toy before. Not dolls. Not Barbies. Not paper dolls. Not even doll houses. Driving toys.

Though almost dilapidated, it's still how I remembered it to be. Shining red bumper, bright yellow lights, and the roaring sound everytime I turn it on.

I then remembered, how I fought with my cousin when he tried to play with it while I was using it -imagine how rude can he get, on second thought, maybe I was just selfish - not.

This is how I remember my childhood days - full of blissful memories that nothing can ever replace. 

How about you?

How do you remember your childhood?