Monday, January 19, 2009

When getting an ink becomes a trend

Notes, ichtus, stars, and alibata - different designs, one purpose.

Nothing seemed to stop us that day. Everything was set. Even the weather agreed. Trembling, each was ready for that needle. 

One stroke was painful. Another is deathly. 

But we were unstoppable. We were inevitable. 

What made this day extra special is the fact that we were together on this. 

We were, of course, together in everything we do. But this day proved the pact our friendship will forever have. The bond that will keep us in tact.

It was like a trend for the team. If Legazpi and Sikatuna had their Sandugo in Bohol, we have our ink to prove the same - friendship and love.

* * *

Poetry aside, the pain was beyond my expectation. It was like cutting my back with a blade.

But after the pain, I suddenly craved for more. 

Yes, I was warned. More than smoking, tattoo is addictive. I proved it right. Now, I'm suddenly excited for my next tattoo session. I'm drooling for more.



What's my next design?


miss liberty said...

wow brave soul! :)