Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jepoy Malinao is writing about Facebook.

The Facebook fever is on.

From the success of e-environment sites such as Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply came another note-worthy social network site called Facebook. 

Originally called The Facebook, Facebook was founded by former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg along side Eduardo Saverin, his financial source. From what started to be just an exclusive site for the students of Harvard, Facebook has now become an online phenomenon, gathering 8 million people in the United States alone. 

From its formal launch on 2004, what has Facebook become?

I personally call it, "God-like status," due to its high public demand. It has achieved that certain level wherein everyone is literally talking about it - and I mean, everyone.

From employees to TV personalities, Facebook has become every mouth's word. Worst, it has been the source of rumors for both private and public figures. 

I had this encounter with a friend wherein he changed his status from being married to single. And I tell you, it caused rumors around the office - only to find out that he changed it just for the heck of it. 

I am not standing clean here. I, too, am a member of the site and what interests me is its ability to provide you the people you might know. You find your professors, your former classmates, and even your librarian.

With it's status box, you can tell what you feel right at the very moment you feel it. Like any other sites, you upload photos, tag your friends, and comment as many as you want or you can. 

With its success, Facebook will surely come a long way. 

However, I just hope we don't get ourselves in trouble for this innovation - just like what technology does in our life, a painful convenience.