Friday, January 9, 2009

Curiosity, at its best

How curious can you get?

This was the question I asked myself when I learned about the film. Before watching, I never had any idea on what it is about - not a single string of fact about it. 

Not until my partner told me an effortless synopsis of the film. There, curiosity stirred even harder - it didn't kill the cat.

* * *

Having read the story minutes before writing this blog entry, there are, like any other adaptation, certain parts changed. And I am but immuned to such treatment. Directors have their own ways in interpreting. 

There might be slight changes from Fitzgerald's writings to Fincher's roll of film but I can't deny the almost seamless adaptation of the film, making it more pleasing to the audience. Even I, who haven't read the story, didn't have a hard time understanding the flick.

For those who doesn't know, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a life story of a man who is born with a one-in-a-million deficiency, a disease no one ever understood or dared explain. He was born old, and as he aged, he looked younger, creating bizarre and really out-of-this world consequences to his life and to the people around him.

I should applaud the renowned screen writer Eric Roth for the insiring and, as I said, almost seamless screenplay. Every line uttered by the actors seem to be a quotation worth remembering. 

Each shot was picturesque; each shot added a vibrant feeling to the audience, captured each eyes and held on to it until the very end. The cinematography was, without a doubt, excellent - making the film an interesting treat.

Of course, the production design was also commendable. The film, set in the early 60's to the 21st century, had a smooth flow and change of set design - superior, I should say.

Who would ever forget the undeniably breath-taking make-up? Imagine turning a 40-year-old Cate Blanchett to a 20-year-old astonishing and ravishing woman? Brad Pitt, as good looking as he is, was even turned to an aging man but not removing the look of a Brad Pitt. 

Note-worthy, as well, are the actors and actresses comprising the film. Cate Blanchett is truly a Hollywood treasure, her award-winning acting would leave a mark to the audience, making them remember the only actress who would best portray the role. Brad Pitt is truly an eye candy, the acting? Superb! However, blame it to his looks, the acting wasn't almost noticed. 

* * *

My curiosity was truly paid off. As what I told to my friend, I haven't felt as ecstatic as I am now towards the film since Titanic. 

Bravo to the cast and crew of the film. Job superbly done.

I can't wait until the Academy Awards. Where are the bets?


miss liberty said...

i rejected to watch this film twice but i heard really positive reviews. will sure see this movie soon.