Monday, June 8, 2009

Kiss my CON-ASS

I have been innocent about CON-ASS until last Friday. Bandila's segment on House Resolution 1109 evangelized me.

Where do I start?

Constitutional Assembly or CON-ASS has been an issue in the country for 10 or 13 years now, if I'm not mistake.

The senate used to handle the issue, but according to one of the senators, they passed it on to the congress since they are handling too much that they can't handle the implementation of the said assembly.

CON-ASS aims to adopt constitution different from what we have at present. Thus, implementing the so called Charter Change which will change our system of government from Democratic to Parliamentary.

According to some political experts, this will lengthen or extend the stay of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

However, according to her excellency, if the change shall be done, she will not be extending her throne.

There would always be promises left broken. And we are witnesses of such for years and years and years now.

The nation is just scared of political promises. We are sick of that.

Where would this lead the country?

According to the present government, this will lead us to better political situation, to a more progressive and free country. But really, would this be a better solution to all these problem? Wouldn't this cause an outbreak of more problems than one? More problems that what we have on hand?

I stand against CON-ASS. I say no to CHA-CHA.