Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cooked just the way you want it

Playfish comes out with another virtual game to appease your boredom and stress.

From Word Challenge to Farm Town, Facebook applications have always been a staple food in one's dish since the said SNS came out in the open. It hit the online world like a hurricane.

Now comes, Restaurant City.

Just when you thought you can never have your own restaurant, think twice. Restaurant City will make it happen for you, just the way you like it.

Hire the best cooks, waiters and cleaners from the list of friends you have. But of course, you have to take of them like what real employees need.

You can build our own restaurant through the available furniture in the game - you can change the wallpaper, choose a stylish roof, put the best tiles, and a whole lot more.

Create your own menu and visit other restaurants available within your street.

Truly one great world of restos.

I am even hooked up, obsesses, addicted. It's one addiction you'll never get arrested with.

Who knows?

It's one dream you never realized.