Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day woes

DISCLAIMER: I do not intend to be emotional here. This is just what I feel as of this writing.

* * *

Where do you usually spend Father's day?

A movie with the whole family? a dinner date? Or even just a simple dining at home?

I wish I could spend such day with my father.

I've been living for 22 years now, and for that very long existence, I haven't celebrated even a single Father's day with my father.

Not a single movie date. Not a single dine-out. Not a single day with him.

Beyond the thought that my father left us without leaving a single word, I still am hoping to meet him one day - to at least see him in person.

I ain't asking for any money, not a single cent in my name.

I just want to meet him - to see him face-to-face.


Mec said...

It's not much consolation but though I grew up with a father, we never did celebrate such occasions too... which is why I am bent on providing my son with a better family, with more involved parents...

I hope, for your sake, that you will get to meet him someday... even if not to answers questions you haven't even formed... even if only to give you some sort of peace...

Jepoy Malinao said...

Thanks Mec.