Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Career move or career suicide?

Rumors have been going around online and offline regarding Adam Lambert's sexuality. Pictures and videos were all over the place even during the American Idol Season 9.

However, just this month, Adam Lambert officially announced to the public, via an interview in Rolling Stone, the truth regarding his sexuality - that he is gay, homosexual, a member of the third sex, or what-have-yous.

This entry aims to answer the question posted by an article in Yahoo! (Click here to read the article).

Will Adam Lambert's Rolling Stone interview hurt or help his career?

Personally, I think this is a very bold move for Lambert whose plan is not to advocate gay rights, but to entertain people through his vocal powers, according to him.

However, this move can be both good and detrimental to his singing career.

Good. Why?

People might see the confession as a very honest thing for Lambert to do. And if they bite the hotdog, Lambert might continue to become the next Elton John.

The next best thing that his confession might bring him is the fact that it liberalized him, though he didn't really hid his sexuality from the public - he just didn't say anything about it.

Detrimental. Why?

We have to face the fact that homosexuality is still a stigma in our society, gays are still marginalized. This same fact might be the underlying reason Lambert didn't win the Idol.

Where would this leave Lambert?

We are yet to find out.

But two thumbs up, Adam.

There's no braver thing to do, but to free yourself from those chains .


Mec said...

but i don't think people were surprised that he's gay... it was kinda obvious...

and he was right in wanting to keep mum about it during the AI contest because he wanted it to be about his talent, not his sexual orientation...

and if you've seen pictures of his BF, you'd think of Zoolander... now that guy knows how to project!!!

Jepoy Malinao said...

Hi Mec, I do also think that people weren't really surprised with his confession. However, I still think one of the reasons why he didn't win the Idol title is his sexuality. You might say America is an open country, but we still can't deny the fact that homosexuality is unacceptable. Thanks for the comment by the way.