Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's not just a gadget, it's a lifestyle

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* * *

We just can't deny the fact that technology is immensely moving our lives forward.

From the pagers we used to hang on our belts gazillion years before up to the latest iPhone 3Gs from Apple, technology has truly become not just a gadget in our bucket list, but definitely a lifestyle.

With all the gadgets coming out, what would be the singlemost greatest invention of the 21st century?

Was it the Apple Macbook Air, as thin as an envelope? Was it the internet that connects us all over the globe? Was it Japan’s robodog?

I say it’s the technology we call, mobile phone, cellphone, cellular phone, or whathaveyous.

You can do just about anything, everything with your mobile phone.

From just mere calling and texting, you can now have a full access on the World Wide Web at the tip of your fingers. Update your Plurk, Facebook, and Twitter status, blog the latest ins and outs, or even download Kris Allen’s No Boundaries with your mobile phone.

Throw away that old and rowdy alarm clock, stuck those planners in your closets, and keep your mp3 music players to rest, leave it all to your mobile phones, you won’t need those.

I agree with what most people say, even the simplest mobile phone is no longer a need, it has become a part of our life, a lifestyle, at that.

So the next person who tells you that your phone is just a meagre cell phone, slap him on his face, slap him really hard and say, “Nobody says bad things against my partner,”