Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ded over Ded na si Lolo

It was one powerhouse cast, one excellent screenplay, one talented director, and one great masterpiece.

To start off, the trailer served its purpose - to tease the audience of what is to be expected from the film. From the trailer, I had high expectations of the film, which I think is a wrong attitude as a spectator.

But I know, Soxie Topacio and the cast won't disappoint me.

And truly, they didn't.

The cast is one of the most powerful element of the film. The legends, the creme de la creme of the film industry collaborated to produce an exceptional material.

It was definitely refreshing to see Roderick Paulate back in his campy gay role. Remember OkiDok days? It's back with a more powerful portrayal of the same role, set in a different mood and environment which exuded his acting powers.

Elizabeth Oropesa is someone to look forward to in this film. We know of how great 'La Oro' is as an actress, but in this comic flick, you'll see how the 2000 Famas Best Actress for Bulaklak ng Maynila does it the way she wants it, the best way she can.

Another star in the film is the four-time Urian Best Actress, Gina Alajar. What made her acting remarkable is her seemingly extraordinary portrayal prowess that exudes from her naturally.

And, oh, that gravitationally challenged lady? No less than, Manilyn Reynes, another eye-candy of the film. She's back in a remarkable role which she does best, comedic nagging and great timing.

Fueled by a powerful screenplay, Ded na si Lolo delivered to the audience what a typical Family goes through in life - from birth to death, with the myths and all.

I am not saying this would be award-winning, but one thing's for sure, Ded na si Lolo is worth watching.